The UW-Madison Arts Institute’s mission is to educate, advocate, and inspire through all forms of creative expression. As part of this mission, we value all forms of artistic expression, experience, interpretation, and critical investigation as fundamental pathways to understanding and engaging our world.

The Arts Institute’s affiliate faculty, staff, guest artists, and students promote the importance and power of art as a vital platform to inquire about the world, illuminate and address injustices, challenge points of view, and to celebrate all aspects of humanity.

We respect, advocate, and fully promote the diversity and inclusivity of artistic expression and its important connection and impact on audiences and the community – especially as an agent for cultural competency.

We remain steadfast in our mission to embrace all members of our diverse community and are committed to educate using guiding principles and values such as civil discourse and freedom of speech, as integral components to create, exhibit, perform, and showcase art.

Norma Saldivar, Interim Executive Director