About the Program

The Interdisciplinary Arts Residency Program enables the Arts Institute to support extended residencies for the benefit of all arts departments and programs of the University. This program is interdepartmental and interdisciplinary. While in residence, artists teach an interdisciplinary course for university credit, present at least one free public event, and participate in community outreach activities. The program gives students exposure to working artists, provides course credit, and strengthens programmatic ties among individual departments, programs, and other campus and community arts entities.

Since 1999, we have hosted more than 30 full arts residencies involving more than 60 units university units and community organizations.

Program Report

In 2009 the Arts Institute completed a comprehensive review (PDF) of the Interdisciplinary Arts Residency Program as part of the Cluster Hiring Initiative.

Participant Quotes

"[Songwriting] was a rare opportunity to expand my theater skills in a way I hadn't given much thought to before....Stew is a vast reservoir of songwriting and playwriting knowledge. I have seen noticeable improvement in my own abilities as a result of this class."
- 2nd year Senior, English/Theater, Fall 2011 Stew Residency

"They were truly AMAZING artists. They were extremely inspiring and brought a whole new eye and experience....It allowed me to push my boundaries in a very intimate and safe environment of the small class."
- Student, Fall 2010 Helen Paris & Leslie Hill Residency

"Working with Deb was a great experience. Her knowledge of the subject is unmatched. Working with students from other disciplines was also a great learning advantage."
- Student, Spring 2010 Deborah Dryden Residency

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