Integrated Arts

The Arts Institute is the administrative home to the Integrated Arts subject listing (495). This interdisciplinary listing primarily support courses offered through Institute programs such as the Interdisciplinary Arts Residency Program or The Studio Creative Arts and Design residential learning community, but can also be used for interdisciplinary arts courses that cannot be appropriately located in a subject listing devoted to a single topic.

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The following courses are currently in the approval process:

The Studio Creative Arts and Design Residential Learning Community

  • 495-110 The Studio Seminar

Interdisciplinary Arts Residency Program

  • 495-310 Interdisciplinary Artist in Residence Studio
  • 495-312 Interdisciplinary Artist in Residence Lecture
  • 495-610 Interdisciplinary Artist in Residence Studio (grad only)
  • 495-612 Interdisciplinary Artist in Residence Lecture (grad only)

Arts Enterprise

  • 495-320 Arts Entrepreneurship I: Art as Business as Art
  • 495-322 Arts Entrepreneurship II: Entrepreneurial Action in the Creative, Cultural, and Social Space

Special Topics

  • 495-330 Special Topics in Integrated Arts
  • 495-630 Special Topics in Integrated Arts (grad only)

This page will be updated in future when courses are offered.

How to Propose a Course
1. Notify Arts Institute of your intent to propose a course

Contact Arts Institute Director John Baldacchino, who serves as chair of the Integrated Arts listing, and provide the following:
  • Course title, description and syllabus
  • Justification for listing the course in Integrated Arts as opposed to your home department
  • Support from your home department chair
  • Indicate which of the following criteria the course meets:
    • The course is offered through Arts Institute programs or funded by the Arts Institute
    • The Arts Institute is signficiantly infolved in supporting the coordination or logistics of the course
    • The course has an interdisciplinary arts focus and cannot appropriately be located in a subject listing devoted to a single topic
    • The course is offered by a non-arts unit and has a major arts-interdisciplinary or integrative component, and cross-listing is deemed necessary by the Arts Institute Academic Affairs Committee for access by arts students in other colleges (does not apply to the College of Letters & Science)

2. Submit course proposal

If proposing a new course number, submit the course through the online course proposal system once you have received the go-ahead from Arts Institute. As part of the process, the course proposal system will request appropriate documentation (e.g., syllabus, reading list, grading criteria). Any affected departments must be included as supplemental reviewers.

3. Review Process

  • New course proposals will be reviewed by the Arts Institute Academic Affairs Committee, which serves as the departmental curriculum committee for the listing, and then by the School of Education Programs Committee.
  • New topics under existing topics course numbers will be approved by teh Academic Affairs Committee in consultation with chairs of the arts departments.

For questions about this information, please consults the full Integrated Arts Subject listing guidelines or contact Assistant Director for Academic Programs Kate Hewson at or 608-263-9290.