University of Wisconsin–Madison

Affiliate Members

This page reflects Affiliate Members as of June 2017 and will be updated after the division reorganization is complete.

Faisal Abdu'Allah

Creative Arts Community Faculty Director

Sandra Adell

Professor of Literature, Department of Afro-American Studies

Lyle Anderson

Carillonneur, School of Music

Jennifer Angus

Professor of Design Studies

Ann Archbold

Professor of Lighting Design; Chair of Department of Theatre & Drama

Matthew Bakkom

Assistant Professor of Photography, Art Department

Tino Balio

Professor Emeritus (Film), Department of Communication Arts

Lynda Barry

Associate Professor of Interdisciplinary Creativity, Art Department

Maria Belodubrovskaya

Assistant Professor of Film, Department of Communication Arts

Chelcy Bowles

Professor Emeritus (Music), Division of Continuing Education

Patricia Boyette

Professor of Acting/Directing, Department of Theatre & Drama

Gail Brassard

Associate Professor/Head of MFA Costume Design Program, Department of Theatre and Drama

Mary Brennan

Professor Emeritus, Dance Department

Rebecca Buckman

Assistant Director, Bolz Center for Arts Administration

Courtney Byelich

Music Committee Advisor, Wisconsin Union Directorate

Javier Calderon

Professor of Guitar, School of Music

Scott Carter

Assistant Director, Mayrent Institute for Yiddish Culture

Jeanette Casey

Music and Dance Librarian Head, Mills Music Library

Jill Casid

Professor of Visual Studies, Department of Art History

Li Chiao-Ping

Professor, Dance Department

Sally Chisholm

Germain Prévost Professor of Music, School of Music

Peggy Choy

Associate Professor, Dance Department

Michael Connors

Professor of Digital Printmaking, Art Department

Kelley Conway

Professor of Film, Department of Communication Arts

Susan Cook

Professor of Musicology; Director, School of Music

Kate Corby

Associate Professor, Dance Department

Jessica Courtier

Program Director in Music/Performing Arts, Division of Continuing Studies

Thomas Dale

Professor, Department of Art History

Guillermina De Ferrari

Professor, Department of Spanish & Portuguese

Esty Dinur

Marketing & Communications Director, Wisconsin Union Theater

Teryl Dobbs

Associate Professor of Music Education, School of Music; Music Education Chair

Wei Dong

Professor, Design Studies Department

Henry Drewal

Evjue-Bascom Professor, Department of Art History

Jay Ekleberry

Wheelhouse Studios Director

Jim Escalante

Professor of Book Arts, Art Department

Marianne Fairbanks

Assistant Professor, School of Human Ecology

Shuxing Fan

Assistant Professor of Scene Design, Department of Theatre & Drama

Sarah FitzSimons

Assistant Professor of Photography, Art Department

Bridget Fraser

Executive Director, Wisconsin Youth Symphony Orchestra

David Furumoto

Professor, Department of Theatre & Drama

Julie Ganser

Director of Undergraduate Studies - Art Senior Administrative Programs Specialist, Art Department

Traci Gaydos

Marketing Specialist, Office of the Vice Provost for Diversity and Climate Division of Diversity, Equity & Educational Achievement

Aris Georgiades

Professor of Sculpture, Art Department

Barb Gerloff

Assistant Dean, School of Education

Heather Good

Assistant Director for Development & Outreach, Wisconsin Union Theater

Beverly Gordon

Professor Emeritus, Design Studies Department

Daniel Grabois

Assistant Professor of Horn, School of Music; Brass Area Chair

Lisa Gralnick

Professor of Art Metal, Art Department

Mark Guthier

Director, Memorial Union

Erica Halverson

Associate Professor, Department of Curriculum & Instruction

Mary Hark

Associate Professor, Design Studies Department

Ted Harks

Campus Arts Ticketing System Manager, Wisconsin Union Theater

Sherry Harlacher

Director, Center for Textiles and Design; Pleasant Rowland Endowed Director, Helen Louise Allen Textile Collection

Andrea Harris

Assistant Professor, Dance Department

Donald Hausch

Dickson-Bascom Professor of Business; Faculty Director of Bolz Center for Arts; Administration Professor of Operations & Information Management; Associate Dean for Evening and Executive MBA Programs

Claude Heintz

Lighting Designer, Dance Department

Jamie Henke

Distinguished Faculty Associate, Division of Continuing Studies and School of Music

Paola Hernandez

Associate Professor, Department of Spanish & Portuguese

Mark Hetzler

Professor of Trombone, School of Music

Stephen Hilyard

Professor of Digital Arts, Art Department

John Hitchcock

Professor of Printmaking-Relief and Serigraphy, Art Department; Associate Dean for the Arts, School of Education

Mary Hoefferle

Faculty Associate, Art Department

K.T. Horning

Director, Cooperative Children's Book Center, School of Education

Lea Jacobs

Professor of Film, Department of Communication Arts; Director of Cinematheque; Associate Vice Chancellor for Arts and Humanities - College of Letters and Science

Janet Jensen

Professor Emeritus, School of Music; School of Music Associate Director

Amaud Johnson

Professor of English; Director, Wisconsin Institute for Creative Writing

Jessica Johnson

Professor of Piano and Piano Pedagogy, School of Music

Stephanie Jutt

Professor Emeritus, Mead Witter School of Music

Carolyn Kallenborn

Associate Professor, Design Studies Department

Vance Kepley

Professor of Film, Department of Communication Arts

Lyn Korenic

Director, Kohler Art Library

Joseph Koykkar

Professor of Music, Dance Department

Helen Lee

Assistant Professor of Glassworking, Art Department

Yuhang Li

Assistant Professor, Department of Art History

Dan Lisowski

Assistant Professor of Tech Design, Department of Theatre & Drama

Tom Loeser

CR Skip Johnson Professor of Art, Art Department

Sarah Marty

Arts Program Area Director - Performing Arts, Division of Continuing Studies

Karen McShane-Hellenbrand

Faculty Associate, Dance Department

Judith Mitchell

Professor of English, Creative Writing Program

Meghan Mitchell

Assistant Professor, Art Department

Nancy Mladenoff

Professor of Painting and Drawing, Art Department

JJ Murphy

Hamel Family Distinguished Chair in Communication Arts, Department of Communication Arts

Mark Nelson

Professor, Design Studies Department; Director, Center for Integrative Design

David Perry

Professor of Violin, School of Music

Michael Peterson

Professor, Department of Theatre & Drama; Interdisciplinary Theatre Studies

Q. Gene Phillips

Professor/Department Chair, Department of Art History

Kirstin Pires

Editor, Chazen Museum of Art

Kevin Ponto

Assistant Professor, Design Studies Department

Roberto Rengel

Professor/Department Chair, Design Studies

Angela Richardson

Aesthetics and Business Project Coordinator, Bolz Center for Arts Administration, Wisconsin School of Business

David Ronis

Assistant Professor and Director, University Opera

Douglas Rosenberg

Professor of Video/ Performance/ Installation, Art Department; Art Department Chair

Ralph Russo

Cultural Arts Director, Wisconsin Union Theater

Henry Sapoznik

Director, Mayrent Institute

John Schaffer

Professor of Music Theory, School of Music

Elaine Scheer

Professor of Ceramics and Mixed Media, Art Department

Robin Schmoldt

Art Committee Advisor, Art Collection Manager, and Film Committee Advisor, Wisconsin Union

Alaura Seidl

Lecturer, Art Department

Bret Shaw

Associate Professor, Life Sciences Communication

Diane Sheehan

Professor Emeritus, Design Studies Department

Gail Simpson

Professor of Sculpture and Foundations, Art Department

Patrick Sims

Vice Provost of Diversity and Climate Programs; Professor of Acting, Department of Theatre & Drama

Ahna Skop

Associate Professor of Genetics and Life Sciences Communication, Laboratory of Genetics

Jim Stauffer

Academic Advisor and Lecturer; Director of Undergraduate Study, Department of Theatre & Drama

Fred Stonehouse

Associate Professor, Art Department

John Stowe

Professor of Organ ,School of Music

John Surdyk

Director, INSITE & Entrepreneurship Residential Learning Community, Wisconsin School of Business

Jeanne Swack

Professor of Musicology, School of Music

Mary Trotter

Associate Professor, English and Interdisciplinary Theatre Studies

Marc Vallon

Professor of Bassoon, School of Music

Manon van de Water

Vilas-Phipps Distinguished Achievement Professor, Department of Slavic Languages and Literature; Interdisciplinary Theatre Studies

James Vannes

Senior Instrument Specialist; Educational Leadership and Policy Analysis, Dance Department

Uri Vardi

Professor of Cello, School of Music

Sherry Wagner-Henry

Director, Bolz Center for Arts Administration, Wisconsin School of Business

Chris Walker

Associate Professor, Dance Department

Ron Wallace

Professor Emeritus, Department of English

Johannes Wallmann

Associate Professor, School of Music; Director of Jazz Studies

Bernadette Witzack

Program Manager Religious Studies Program

Jin-Wen Yu

Professor, Dance Department

Amy B. Zelenski

Assistant Professor (CHS), General Internal Medicine; Director of Medical Education