Curriculum Development

The Arts Institute is working to develop new interdisciplinary arts curriculum. Our goals are to incorporate the following: experiential learning through service learning, internships, and courses focused on performance or public presentation; training in teaching and learning (pedagogy); professional preparation and entrepreneurship training; combining multiple disciplines, especially art with non-art areas; and training in any skill that could be applied in a non-art field. Our recent Communicating Science efforts, based on the model created by the Alan Alda Center for Communicating Science at Stony Brook University, have been successful precursors to the Arts Institute curriculum (see below).

Some of our existing efforts include: Interdisciplinary Arts Residency Program IARP courses, Arts Enterprise course; The Creative Arts and Design Learning Community’s (The Studio) seminar, Curatorial Studies certificate (Art History), Fashion Show course (Design Studies), Service Learning course (Art), and Board Leadership course (Business).

Update! The Integrated Arts course listing was established by University Academic Planning Council on March 19, and implementation is underway! Expect to see courses set up for spring 2017.