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In Memoriam of Arthur Hove (1934-2014), principal author and editor of The Arts at Wisconsin

From his humble beginnings as an undergraduate to his administrative ascent and eventual course instruction, Arthur Hove established a long-standing legacy with the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Because of his longevity (nearly seven decades) and love of the university, Hove gained recognition as a chronicler of university history. He continued to share his knowledge well after his retirement in 1996. He edited and contributed to a book commemorating the Year of the Arts (2010-2011), celebrating the history of the arts on the UW-Madison campus, which was published in 2012.

Hove celebrated “the extensiveness and vitality that characterize the past, present, and future of the arts at the University of Wisconsin-Madison” (p. 7). The Arts Institute is grateful for Hove’s invaluable insight into The Arts at Wisconsin.